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ATV, Dirt bike and UTV Reviews Reviews for various ATV's, Dirt bikes and UTV's.

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Old 07-27-2010, 12:13 AM
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Default BuggyMasters Review: Yamaha Warrior 350

We have owned several of these machines and don't have much to say about them on the negative side. These are fantastic four wheelers. This is one of those machines that had a very long run, 17 years in this case, without a major redesign. The reason this is relavant is that when you have one that had a run that long (think of the might Yamaha V-Max Motorcycle or the Suzuki LT80 kids ATV), it had that run because they just got it right.

They are not the fastest four wheeler when compared to something in the big boy category like the Raptor 660 but they hold their own rather well. They are just a good all-around four wheeler. Looks good, runs good, very reliable, and a lot of fun.

They quit making them after 2004 when they were replaced with the Raptor 350 which is essentially a Yamaha Warrior wearing Raptor plastics. I actually preferred the original design because I felt it was more comfortable for general riding with the wide seat. If you are more the of the race type, you would probably prefer the Raptor 350.

Since they had such a long run, you can usually find these for a very reasonable price to and that is an added bonus. In addition, in the event that you need parts, there are TONS of used parts available, again thanks to the long run. They went virtually unchanged over the entire 17 years mostly changing available plastic colors, some electronics changes around 2000 and likely a few other changes across the years but most of the parts are interchangeable for the whole run. Great job yamaha.

Pros: Excellent all around machine. Can be had for very reasonable prices. Wide parts availability if needed.

Cons: A bit heavy compared to modern machines.

BuggyMasters Overall Rating: 7 out of 10
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